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About EfficiencyOne Services

Headquartered in Nova Scotia, Canada, a province similar in size and other characteristics to many Caribbean countries, EfficiencyOne Services has built its reputation on achieving results for its clients while providing exceptional customer service. This experience has readied us to bring our knowledge and expertise to the rest of the world.

Energy efficiency is the future. EfficiencyOne Services represents the possibilities implicit in a more energy efficient tomorrow. We are a proud subsidiary of EfficiencyOne, a Canadian corporation with a proven track record and annual revenues exceeding USD $54 million. With 25 electrical and non-electrical energy efficiency programs, EfficiencyOne saves Nova Scotians USD $113 million annually, and leads an industry that has already created over 1,000 jobs and contributes $200 million to the Nova Scotian economy. And through EfficiencyOne Services, we can offer this expertise and experience to other jurisdictions around the world.

EfficiencyOne Services values partnership. We work closely with our stakeholders and partners– everyone from community groups, contractors, engineers, and retailers to manufacturers – to tailor our energy efficiency consulting services. Fostering the growth of the local energy efficiency industry is a key part of what we do.

We also value energy innovation and seek to find new ways to bring energy efficiency into more lives. Our team is skilled, enthusiastic, and passionate about what we do, and it shows in our work. We can’t wait to show you, too.

A Wealth Of Experience

When you partner with us, you open the door to an almost inexhaustible supply of knowledge, experience, and expertise, found not only in our leadership team, but also in our independent Board of Directors. Add to that our access to over 150 trade partners, and 100 employees (including engineers, technologists, researchers, energy auditors, accountants, regulatory experts, and more) and the possibilities are endless.


Energy Expertise

  • Industry & Policy Framework


    Energy efficiency is about more than using less energy; it reduces carbon emissions, creates jobs, and saves people money. EfficiencyOne Services works closely with governments, utilities, and international financial institutions to understand the needs, concerns, and requirements of the people they serve, and helps develop the framework that enables energy efficiency to succeed.

    Using this approach allows EfficiencyOne Services helps governments, utilities, and international financial institutions meet their goals quickly and efficiently. It fosters public engagement and support, grows a green, sustainable industry with strong economic benefits, and allows governments to realize their national determined contributions for climate change.

  • Program Design & Administration

    When governments, international financial institutions, utilities, or businesses need to design a suite of energy efficiency programs, EfficiencyOne Services can help. We design programs that run the gamut: from public engagement, education and outreach in schools, residential product installations, small business energy audits to on-site energy managers embedded within industry, we know how to engage your target market and get you results. We do the heavy lifting to help you get your program off the ground and headed for success, supporting your efforts with expertise in:

  • On-Site Services

    EfficiencyOne Services works with businesses to identify their energy objectives and on-site challenges, then tailors a plan to deliver results as quickly as possible. Our on-site services include:


Nova Scotia Power

n February 2015, EfficiencyOne and its partner, Scout Environmental (then Summerhill Impact) successfully responded to an RFP issued by Nova Scotia Power (NSP) to design and deliver a program on its behalf to divert elemental mercury from Nova Scotian landfills. Since contract award, EfficiencyOne Services delivers the program for EfficiencyOne, collecting mercury-containing products, including lighting (fluorescent, mercury and sodium vapour, and metal halide lamps), thermostats, appliance switches, and orphan mercury products (products that are no longer manufactured but contain mercury) from around the province.

The program, the first of its kind in Canada, has been incredibly successful. In its second full year of operation, the program safely diverted 45 kg of mercury from landfills, originating from over 957,575 individual products. NSP is very pleased with program operations and public reception to the program has been overwhelmingly positive.



efficiencyPEI is the energy efficiency program administrator for Canada’s Province of Prince Edward Island (PEI). Created in 2008, efficiencyPEI runs five residential programs and one commercial program, and offers incentives for eligible energy efficiency upgrades.

In 2017, efficiencyPEI began looking for ways to increase participation by expanding and adding to its existing program portfolio. To facilitate this project, they engaged EfficiencyOne Services.

EfficiencyOne Services began by tasking key program experts with reviewing PEI’s existing programs. This included examining the program design, processes, documentation, marketing strategy, and delivery, and resulted in a report outlining findings and recommendations.

EfficiencyOne Services continues to work with this client to provide assistance implementing the recommended changes, as well as designing new residential and commercial programs expected to launch in 2018.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is the Canadian federal government department mandated with the responsible development and use of Canada’s natural resources and the competitiveness of the country’s natural resources products.

In December 2016, NRCan awarded the contract to EfficiencyOne Services to convert two existing residential new construction programs, ENERGY STARTM for New Homes (ESNH) and R-2000, into an updated EnerGuide Rating System (ERS) v15.

Using NRCan’s updated energy modeling software, HOT2000 v11, EfficiencyOne Services’ residential new construction engineer modeled homes that comply with the current ESNH and R-2000 standards to evaluate new performance metrics compatible with the new ERS and HOT2000 v11. Recommendations included setting whole house energy targets, R-2000 building envelope targets, energy target metrics, and considerations for space cooling, the use of energy efficient products and operating conditions, and how to streamline the prescriptive path to ESNH compliance.