Our Values

Integrity: Deliver on our commitments

EfficiencyOne consistently achieves high energy savings, with inclusive programs and a large number of energy efficiency professionals, jumping to 3rd in the Canadian energy efficiency scorecard.

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Partnership: Foster successful relationships with all stakeholders

In partnership with all 13 Mi’kmaq communities across the province, the Mi’kmaw Home Energy Efficiency Project offers no-cost energy efficient upgrades–including insulation, heat pumps, and draft-proofing–to band-owned homes. These upgrades help reduce a home’s energy waste and improve comfort.

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Innovation: Always improve

The Halifax Climate Investment, Innovation and Impact Fund will contribute to economic prosperity and environmental sustainability through collaboration and innovation.

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EfficiencyOne presents on using technology to deliver touchless home energy audits.

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Our Strategic Priorities

  • Achieve

    Deliver excellent value and satisfaction to our customers with products and services that contribute to economic and environmental prosperity.

    We will:

    • Deliver excellent products, services and results
    • Provide exceptional customer service
    • Enable environmentally sustainable economic growth
  • Innovate

    Become even better at helping people by leading the way with improved products, services and systems.

    We will:

    • Continuously improve our products, services and processes
    • Identify, develop and deliver new products and services to our customers
  • Champion

    Support employees and partners to be highly engaged and inspire them to take pride in helping people build a better world through efficiency.

    We will:

    • Maintain a highly engaged, customer focused, high performing workforce
    • Ensure partners provide customers with the products and services that meet, or exceed, expectations
    • Provide leadership and expertise to the industry
  • Grow

    Significantly increase our impact in building a better world by expanding and diversifying the markets and customers we serve.

    We will:

    • Deliver more products and services to more people
    • Ensure all the benefits efficiency brings to building a better world are known and accounted for

We’re delivering on award winning efficiency

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