Employee Spotlight: Nicole Langille

Nicole Langille

Please start by introducing yourself.

My name is Nicole Langille and I’m an Energy Manager for the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness and Seniors and Long-term Care Infrastructure teams. I have a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from Dalhousie University and have worked in the clean energy sector for the entirety of my career so far.

Why did you pursue a career in the clean energy sector?

At first, I was interested in the clean energy sector as an opportunity to help fight climate change. However, I quickly learned of the many additional ways that working in the clean energy sector can make meaningful change such as the positive economic and community impacts which made my decision even easier.

Tell us about your career journey and growth at EfficiencyOne.

I started at EfficiencyOne in 2017 as a co-op student working with the Business Energy Rebates program. I had such a positive experience working on interesting projects with Nova Scotian businesses that I ended up taking a position with the same program after graduating.

Not long after, I moved into a Program Manager role which gave me an opportunity to grow skills in many areas, including managing a small team with the same co-op student position that I once had. It was a fulfilling and full circle moment for me!

I recently decided to explore a different side of the organization and take on a more technical role and joined the fast-growing team of Energy Managers at EfficiencyOne.

What is most meaningful about your current role?

As Nova Scotians, we all have aging family, friends, and neighbors in our lives, so I am happy to play a small part in making positive changes to our long-term care sector. The province is currently working to build many new and replacement long-term care facilities and all are being designed with environmental sustainability and energy efficiency in mind. This will add to the comfort, safety, and well-being of residents while also helping reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions.

If you could go back in time and give your younger self one piece of career advice, what would it be?

Sometimes opportunities will present themselves when you least expect them to – don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone!

What is your favourite place or thing to do in Nova Scotia?

I love visiting my family in my hometown of Antigonish, especially in the summer because it is only a 15-minute drive to beautiful beaches and lakes in all directions.

What is your favourite thing about working at EfficiencyOne?

It’s hard to choose just one… the first few things that come to mind are the people, purpose, and opportunities for growth.