Regulatory Filings

Electrical energy saving targets are regulated by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board and funded by electricity ratepayers.

EfficiencyOne is a public utility regulated by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. The Board, with input from stakeholders representing customers, the government, and environmental groups, approves our plans to reduce the demand for electricity and the cost of our programs and activities.

The 2020 – 2022 Electricity Efficiency Plan

Electricity efficiency activities in Nova Scotia are subject to Utility and Review Board (UARB) approval. On August 2, 2019 the UARB approved a Consensus Agreement between EfficiencyOne and NS Power for electricity efficiency services over 2020-2022.

The approved Agreement includes:

  • Three-year total investment of $110 million ($34.4M in 2020, $36.5M in 2021 and $39.1M in 2022)
  • 367.8 GWh of first-year electricity savings and 98.3 MW of demand savings
  • $4.5 million investment in upgrades for Nova Scotia’s Mi’kmaw communities and $3 million for upgrades in affordable multi-family housing

This means more Nova Scotians will be able to benefit from efficiency programs and save money on their electricity bills, while also helping to reduce carbon pollution.

Read the decision.

Nova Scotians save almost $5 for every $1 of investment in energy efficiency programs.

To view a copy of our plan, or an update to our application and evidence, please choose one of the downloadable PDFs below.

EfficiencyOne DSM Resource Plan Application

EfficiencyOne Updated Application and Evidence

EfficiencyOne has annual reporting requirements as outlined in our 2020-2022 DSM Plan.

Once filed, these reports are publicly available on the UARB website. EfficiencyOne reports on the implementation of the 2020-2022 DSM Plan through Quarterly Reports, Annual Progress Reports and other reports.

DSM Reporting Timeline

  • Annual Progress Report – filed annually by March 31
  • DSM Evaluation Reports – filed annually by March 31
  • Audited Financial Statements – filed annually by April 28
  • Q1 DSM Report – filed annually by May 25
  • Q2 DSM Report – filed annually by August 25
  • Q3 DSM Report – filed annually by November 25
  • Rate and Bill Impact Analysis (RBIA) – filed annually by October 31
  • Annual Compliance Report (Code of Conduct governing Affiliate Transactions) – filed annually at the same time as the Audited Financial Statements

For associated files or evidence in each of these matters, you can use the UARB’s searchable database.