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Energy Efficiency Day 2020

Did you know the energy efficiency sector is a significant contributor to climate change and sustainability goals here in Nova Scotia?

Since 2010, our energy efficiency sector has played a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and through Efficiency Nova Scotia programs have contributed to over 25% of GHG reductions in Nova Scotia. Energy efficiency is a fast, cost effective way for individuals and businesses to save money by reducing energy costs, while also reducing their climate impact. In fact, the International Energy Agency calls energy efficiency the hidden fuel, stating that it could enable the world to achieve more than 40% of the emissions cuts needed to reach its climate goals without new technology.

Did you know energy efficiency is a Nova Scotia growth industry?
We currently have the highest concentration of energy efficiency managers and advisors in the country and are seeing growth every year. Our Efficiency Trade Network provides training and support to over 370 companies who employee over 2500 people across the province.